Perth Street Art: Mapped

Photo: Beauofrt Street Network's Laneway Street Art Project

Photo: Beauofrt Street Network's Laneway Street Art Project

If you haven't caught the news this week, Perth's been voted the 7th most liveable city on the planet. One of the contributing factors in making Perth such a good place to live is the abundance of public art. Melbourne's got the rep for being Australia's capital of the arts, but seriously - every corner we turn in Perth lately there seems to be a new installation or mural.

Our street (Beaufort St.) cuts through one of the most artistic neighbourhoods in the city. Our local council take public art serious, and it shows.

To help you get around this public art explosion, the legends at Streets of Perth are busy mapping each art piece that pops up in town.The red balloons cluster around some of our favourite areas in the city; Beaufort St., Leederville and Wolf Lane off Murray St.

So here's an idea- grab some friends and do your own Perth street art tour! Find the art, and you'll discover Perth's best cafes, independent stores, hidden bars and nightclubs in the process.

For some inspo, check out @perthsart on Instagram. 

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