Destination Beaufort Street

Explore our favourite street in Perth

Photo Credit: Jessica Wyld Photography

Photo Credit: Jessica Wyld Photography

Beaufort Street stretches from the main city train station at the Barrack Street bridge, north through 4 unique and interesting suburbs. Along the street you'll find some of Perth's best bars, cafes, restaurants, independent stores, street art and a whole lot more. Our hostel is proudly sitting at number 381, on the edge of Northbridge and Highgate, and is the perfect base to explore the street. 

We hit up our mates up at Eat the Street Walking Tours for some budget friendly suggestions and they came up trumps with this awesome guide to Beaufort Street's best value shopping, drinks and eats. See below for killer value and a run through of each! 

Eat the Street's suggestions for Beaufort Street on a budget. 

Eat the Street's suggestions for Beaufort Street on a budget. 

Five Bar is awesome. The coffee is cheap (and superb), they've got free Wi-Fi and later on this coffee shop turns into a great little neighbourhood bar. Split a plate of fresh oysters with a mate and you'll be in heaven.

Method Clothing is a great independent clothing store. Skip the international chains like Topshop and H&M and treat yourself to something uniquely Australian. The local street style is awesome and it's well worth a browse.

Rochelle Adonis is fancy and not your typical backpacker place. However just because you're travelling doesn't mean you can't go to nice places. The staff are extremely friendly and their $15 lunch in the garden (approx. 10 euro) is an affordable luxury. If you ever find yourself on a date in Perth, this would seriously impress without bankrupting you.

Enriques started as a pop up bar, but as far as I can tell it's here to stay! That's testament to their killer selection of gin and great food. On Sunday you can grab a sangria for just $5.

Clarences is at the forefront of Perth's small bar scene. Friendly and knowledgeable bar staff showcase Perth's best local beer and serve simple but delicious food.  Beer & Burger. Do it!

Dominion League is a little closer to the city, opposite the WA Museum. The whiskey is plentiful, the beer is fresh and they give you free serves of popcorn. I've yet to eat there, but $15 pub lunch is surely worth a shot!

The Flying Scotsman or 'The Scotto' is every man's pub. Construction workers, bankers, students, travellers and everyone in between love this bar. It's unpretentious and fun, with an alternative vibe and great value. $10 jugs of beer get a big crowd out on a Wednesday. $12 Pizza & Pint on Sunday is genuinely good value.